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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare PunkBuster Uninstaller
05.05.2012 von Icecream

How to remove PunkBuster from PC

Method one: PunkBuster provides an install solution in its website.
Step1. Go to the PunkBuster official website and FAQ page. Click the “Here” link under “What is all this about new PunkBuster services?”
Step2. Download the uninstall link.Uninstall wizard will automatically launch after that.
Step3. Click the “Uninstall/Remove PunkBuster Service” radio button and click “Next” to uninstall and remove PunkBuster from your computer.


Notes: if PunkBuster is corrupted, for example you can not run PunkBuster normally, the uninstall link wouldn’t work.

Method two delete all files of PunkBuster to get rid of it
The following are what you need to remove from hard drive
C:UsersAdministratorDocumentsMy GamesCrysis Warspb C:UsersAdministratorDocumentsMy GamesCrysis WarsPunkBuster C:UsersAdministratorDocumentsMy GamesCrysis WarsProfiles

Notes: The method could remove corrupted PunkBuster, but related registry entries will remain in windows registry. So we recommend you to clean up windows registry either by a registry cleaning tool or manual way. However, if you encounter problems with deleting PunkBuster folders and files, there is only one solution left for you.

Method three uninstall PunkBuster by Uninstaller
Perfect Uninstaller is just more powerful than you can imagine. Most users choose it in that the uninstaller tool is the best way to get rid of any undesired software like PunkBuster, Foxtab, Regwork or even a rogue program like Security Shield.

If you think method one and two are difficult or they just do not work for you, here is the easy solution.
1. Download Perfect Uninstaller and run it
2. Highlight PunkBuster in the list and click uninstall button

If you already remove some files of PunkBuster and encounter problems when removing some other, Uninstaller could help you force uninstall the left part of PunkBuster.
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Grösse 686,2 KB
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Datum 05.05.2012
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Version: 0.987
Hersteller: PunksBusted
Lizenstyp: Freeware
Sprache: English
System: Windows

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